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Caledonia Doctors & Support Staff

55 Argyle St. N, Caledonia 

☎️ 905-765-4061

Dr. Nic Cloete
Alicia Bucci (Medical Assistant)
Michelle Cloete (Registered Nurse; Medical Assistant)

250 Argyle St. N, Caledonia

☎️ 905-765-5245

Dr. Alan Gunning

Dr. Marilyn Robertson

Dr Ola Oyerinde

Becky Bakker (Medical Assistant with Dr. Gunning)

Tasha Bisonette (Medical Assistant with Dr. Robertson)

Carol Cronk (Medical Receptionist)

Leanne Deboer (Medical Receptionist) 

Anna Guastadisegn (Medical Receptionist)

Dalaine Roadhouse (Medical Assistant with Dr Oyerinde)

Dawn Savage (Medical Assistant with Dr. Robertson)

Kathryn Webb (Medical Assistant with Dr. Robertson)

53 Argyle St N, Caledonia

☎️ 905-765-9100 ext. 2231

Dr. Azeez Ahmed Khan

Becky Eggink (Medical Assitant)

Tiffany Jackman (Medical Receptionist)

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