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Dietitian Led Programs

change program

Health Promotion

Description: 1-year evidence-based diet and exercise intervention for people with metabolic syndrome (start date Sept 2019 – only available in Dunnville at present).
Aim: To improve health and decrease the risk of developing chronic disease in patients with Metabolic Syndrome through a lifestyle intervention model that provides the effective support needed to change lifestyle over time and produce a lasting improvement to overall health.

Partners: Metabolic Syndrome Canada, Grand Fitness Dunnville & HWMH


Chronic Disease

Description: To support best practices health management for patients with or at risk of developing DM
Aim: In conjunction with Community Diabetes Programs to improve monitoring and maintenance of blood sugar. and lipids while ensuring that patients receive evidence-based screening and care for diabetes.


Health Promotion

Description: To encourage self-management, preventative care, healthy lifestyles and to provide health education on various topics related to heart health and cholesterol.
Aim: To improve knowledge and support patients in making healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their CVD risk.

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