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Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of either extreme cold weather conditions, extreme inclement weather conditions or a combination of both, the Haldimand Family Health Team may elect to close operations for the day, and re-open when it is deemed safe to do so.

Patients will be contacted if their appointment has been cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

Privacy Policy

Haldimand Family Health Team (HFHT) are custodians of patient’s personal and health information. This information is sensitive and valuable to patients, and we are obliged by law to keep it secure. It is part of our duty to keep patient information safe and to ensure that it can be accessed only by those who are sanctioned to see it for an authorized purpose. This applies equally to electronic medical record, paper copies of health records, reports, test results, voice messages, emails and any other way patient information is recorded or stored. All patient information must be protected from loss, theft, disclosure to the wrong people and unauthorized access/use of any kind, and every team member has a role in keeping this information secure.

For more information on privacy, security, accountability, and to contact our privacy officer please click here.

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